Here it is, 11 p.m. on a Friday night.  And here I am, with my laptop and a cup of tea.  I remember the days when Friday nights used to entail many an adult beverage, probably a trip to the giant pizza slice place in Adam’s Morgan, and a tipsy cab ride home…but then I realize that those days were nearly 10 years ago. 

And then I feel like time hasn’t just flown — it’s gone into ludicrous speed, a la Spaceballs.

And then I feel old.

And then I start thinking about wrinkles.

And then I start wondering if I should invest in better moisturizer.

This is the way my mind works: it’s tangential at best, but most of the time it’s totally ridiculous.

In recent weeks, I’ve realized that I seriously need an outlet for all my interests, passions, and random thoughts.  I’ve been writing things down on loose-leaf paper, but that’s both antiquated (what’s that, you say?  The 19th century called and it wants its communication methods back?) and disorganized like woah.  (If there’s one thing in life that I totally can’t deal with, it’s disorganization.  My best friend can attest to this: she’s the messy one of our duo, and when we were growing up, I’d start cleaning her room because I’d get so aggravated by the mess and disorganization.  I’m just a wee bit type A like that.)

So, my hope is that this will be a place for me to a) get my thoughts out of my brain and onto…well, obviously not paper, and b) write about all the things I love: fitness, food, cooking, health and wellness, all things international, random moments of inspiration, fashion, and celebrity gossip, among other things.

Now, about that moisturizer…

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