A Great Start

Good morning!  Now that Monday has happily passed us, the weekend doesn’t seem so far away anymore. 🙂

It’s supposed to be a gorgeous day here in DC: sunny, low humidity, temps in the 60s…it makes a girl want to ditch work altogether (“Yes, I have scurvy and won’t be able to come in today – sorry!”).

Partly cloudy
Feels like: 54°F

Wind: 7 mph NW
Pressure: 29.85″
Humidity: 64%

Dew point: 42°
Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon
Sunny Mostly sunny Mostly sunny Chance rain shwr Mostly sunny Mostly sunny Sunny


Lo:   Hi:

53     66

Mostly sunny
Lo:   Hi:

47     69

Mostly sunny
Lo:   Hi:

48     70
rain shwr

Lo:   Hi:

57     69

Mostly sunny
Lo:   Hi:

53     69

Mostly sunny
Lo:   Hi:

48     65


Lo:   Hi:

46     67

But, since faking a case of scurvy isn’t really an option, I want to be sure I get outside to enjoy the sunshine somehow, whether it’s to eat lunch outside, take a stroll around the block at work, or get off the Metro a few stops early so I can walk part of the way home.

In the meantime, though, I got a great start to this beautiful day at the gym: 30 minutes on the elliptical listening to my course materials for IIN, and then 15 minutes of circuit training with my Jackie Warner Power Circuit Training DVD.  I love this DVD — it has tons of different options (40 minute full-body workout, 15 minute full-body, 15 minute abs, 15 minute lower body, and 15 minute upper body), but in the interest of saving time I did the 15 minute full-body workout.


Until a year ago, I used to only work out in the evenings.  I often found that I was too tired to do an intense workout when I got home at night, though, so I decided to train myself to wake up early and hit the gym.  Now I love my AM workouts — they keep me torching calories all day long, and I find that I love having my evenings free to hang out with Brandon, go to dinner with my girlfriends, or just veg out.

Hope your Tuesday is off to a good start!

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