Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday evening, everyone! I don’t know about you, but Sunday nights are rough for me. I’m really not ready for the weekend to be over, it’s supposed to rain cats and dogs tomorrow, and…ugh. I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow. I don’t wanna walk to work in the rain. Wah, wah, wah.

Sundays are usually when I prepare for the week ahead: I do laundry, prepare and pre-package fruits and veggies for my lunches, and generally try to squeeze in some downtime. With our move coming up in two weeks, though (!!!!), there isn’t much resting to be had.

On Saturday, we spent the morning packing before going to do a walk-through of the apartment so we could take measurements of the walls and plan how we’re going to arrange everything. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this place! Aaaaaahhhhh!

To my new kitchen: you complete me.

I’m incredibly happy about living here. The gym is awesome, it’s right near a phenomenal running/biking trail, and it’s not filled with frat-tastic bros who puke on our door. (Oh yes, friends: that happened in our current place. I woke up early to go get groceries one Sunday morning, only to find a pile of vomit on our door. It was supremely unpleasant.)

Speaking of supremely unpleasant things, my sickness seems to be making a comeback. (*Shakes fist angrily at the flu*) I was feeling much better on Friday, which means I got alllllll super excited and went to the gym. I practically bounded up there, not unlike a walk-hungry dog whose owner has just pulled out the leash, put in 30 minutes on the elliptical (I decided to take it easy for my first day back), and happily bounded downstairs again…only to wake up with a horrible sore throat on Saturday and again this morning. And my cough is getting worse.

This irritates me so. Effing. Much.

I want so badly to go running. I want so badly to be active. I want so badly to feel like myself again, and I hate the fact that it’s taking so long for me to get better. It’s now been 14 days since the initial onset, and I think it’s time to consult my doctor. Sigh. Hopefully she can help me kick this nastiness to the curb for good!

Anyways, I hope you all had wonderful weekends!

One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. jessielovestorun January 14, 2013 / 9:16 am

    Looks like we had the EXACT same thing happen when it came to feeling better Friday & than waking up feeling crap again Saturday.On a positive note, your kitchen really is amazing girl 🙂

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