Workout Wrap-Up: March 4-10

Happy Sunday! I confess that I have a bit of the “Ugh, I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow” blues, but it’s overshadowed by the glorious weather and the equally glorious return of Daylight Savings Time. I know it’s hard to lose an hour, but I totally think it’s worth it in order for it to stay light later in the evenings.

Anyways, I don’t know about y’all — but for me, the last week can be summed up in basically one statement: cray-cray.


Work has been extra busy. I went to see a phenomenal documentary, Girl Rising, with one of my girlfriends from my old office on Thursday night. I went out for drinks on Friday with my junior high bestie who happens to be visiting DC from Colorado. The weekend has been busy with errands, baking, and chores.

Like I said: cray-cray.

In addition to my decision to dive back into the world of lifting, all the extra stuff going on this week has made my workouts a bit funky:

Monday: I did 30 minutes on the elliptical plus my 10×10 lower body workout, and I totally had the shakes (which my high school track coach referred to as “Elvis legs”) once I was done. Grow, muscles, grow!

STRONG is the new beautiful <3

Tuesday: I did my 10×10 upper body workout in the morning, and then went running during my lunch hour at work. I ran 3 miles and used the Charity Miles to raise funds for the Girl Up initiative, which just plain makes me happy.

My legs felt like they had lead weights attached to them after Monday’s workout — so although I’d planned for a longer run, I decided not to push myself too hard once I felt my energy reserves starting to tank. I’m a big fan of listening to my body and not putting myself through punishing workouts. It’s one thing to push yourself, but it’s an entirely different can of worms to ignore your body’s distress signals and push yourself beyond the boundaries of what’s healthy. I could tell that my aching legs and fatigue were only going to get worse, so I reached the conclusion that the best thing I could do for myself was to head back to the office, drink a ton of water, and chow down on lunch.
Ok, so the time and distance aren’t quite accurate — I didn’t start the app until I was about .5 miles into my run, and I forgot to pause it when I was stuck at traffic lights. Mental notes to self: start the app as soon as you start running, and pause it when you pause.

Wednesday: Rest day! You’d think that the snowstorm (which, um, totally failed to produce anything other than wind and rain in my neck of the woods…but we still got the day off, so I’ll take it) would’ve presented the perfect opportunity to hit the gym, but I wasn’t able to shake off the fatigue. I had a headache and a sore throat, and I wanted nothing more than to spend the day lying down. So, in large part, that’s exactly what I did. My body was begging for rest, and I knew that pushing myself through a workout would only make me feel sicker.

Thursday: My legs were still a bit sore, so I decided to take it somewhat easy by communing with the stationary bike and the elliptical for a combined total of 30 minutes, followed by the 10×10 core workout. My core muscles have seriously lopsided strength issues: my back is really strong, but my abs are ridiculously weak. I designed my 10×10 to focus on the ol’ frontal core muscles in hopes that I’ll be able to make them a bit stronger — gotta balance things out, y’know?

Friday: Rest day! I’d stayed out late watching Girl Rising with my friends on Thursday night, so I decided to take the morning off from the gym and give myself an extra hour of sleep. Aaaah, sleep: we really don’t hang out often enough. Call me?

"Sleep is the best meditation." - Dalai Lama #Sleep #Quotes #DalaiLama #Inspiration #Learning #Rest

Saturday: After a week of lousy weather, the weekend is seriously looking up! I did my 10×10 upper body workout again, followed by a brief cardio session on my old pal the elliptical.

Sunday: I normally take Sundays as a rest day, but the weather is so gorgeous that I couldn’t bring myself to not exercise outside. I went for a brief run — and it was reeeaaallly brief, because my asthma and my knee were both acting up more than usual. I brought it back inside and spent some time on the at-home elliptical type thing (Brandon got it for me for my birthday a few years ago) while we watched Breaking Bad. We just started watching it on Netflix after years of hearing about how awesome it is, and indeed, we’re totally addicted. Breaking Bad FTW!


I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend — what’s your take on Daylight Savings? (I know some people love it while others hate it.) Is there a TV show you’re totally hooked on?

One thought on “Workout Wrap-Up: March 4-10

  1. Sara @ Nourish and Flourish March 11, 2013 / 6:54 am

    Leg workouts usually leave me feeling sore for three or four days, too! Even though I complain about it, I secretly like it. 😉 It’s kind of gratifying to know that my hard work is paying off.

    Even though I don’t like losing an hour of sleep, I LOVE gaining the extra hour of light at night. Summer is on its way!

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