MIMM: Getting My Act Together

Aaaaah, the return of Monday — and as if that weren’t enough, it’s supposed to be cold and rainy as all-get out today. It’s the kind of day that makes this cowgirl want to stay home, wrap up in a comforter, commune with a cup of tea (or twelve), and read.

Alas, that’s not in the cards; the workweek beckons, and I need to get my tuchus in gear for a busy week ahead.

The good thing is that I do feel legitimately prepared — well prepared — for the week.This bit of good news brings me to today’s Marvelous in My Monday post, with thanks as always to Katie from Healthy Diva Eats for hosting.

Anyways, back to the genesis of Operation Organize: it all started with an epiphany that I had on Friday night. I’d been bothered by the fact that I’ve been increasingly disorganized and discombobulated lately, and this has led to all manner of messy situations. Said messy situations include not going to sleep at a reasonable hour, missing the bus, being late to work, and spending more money than I’d like.

This all leads to a vicious cycle in which disorganization makes me get flustered, which then makes me more discombobulated, which then makes me more flustered, which leads to a serious decline in my productivity and efficiency. Basically, disorganization can quickly turn me into a hot mess.

Image source: skreend.com

So, I decided to turn it around.

I’ve generally been really organized, and I’m not sure when or how I fell off that bandwagon — but I knew I needed to get back on, stat.

On Friday night I was brainstorming ways to do this, I remembered an awesome recommendation from Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (as a ragingly type-A, overachieving person, I first read it when I was in eighth grade and have re-read it every few years since then): take time on Sunday morning to plan for the week ahead.

Image source: NPR.org

Now, I’m an early riser sort of dame, and for whatever reason, my internal clock has always been wired for mornings. While this drove me up a freaking wall when I was a teenager (what kind of 17-year-old wakes up at 7:30 on a Saturday?! Seriously, I thought I was a mutant.), I’ve come to embrace it in adulthood. One upshot of this weird internal clock? I have a few hours to myself on Saturday and Sunday mornings, which means I have no impediments to implementing Covey’s idea for the Sunday morning strategy session.

So, on Sunday morning I sat down and, in addition to my usual weekend to-do list, I wrote out all the things I needed to do in order to plan for the week ahead. I needed to double check Brandon’s and my shared Google calendar to make sure it was up to date, plan dinners for the week, plan my lunches, make a grocery list, make a to-do list of tasks and errands for the week ahead, and map out my blog posts for the week.

Within an hour, I’d done all those things. Not surprisingly, it made me feel muuuuuuuch better knowing that I have my ducks in a row. (Disorganization = unhappy Lillian. Organization = giddy Lillian.) The meals are planned, the ingredients have been purchased, I’ve mapped out my blog posts, the calendar is updated, and I have a comprehensive to-do list filled with things that are entirely doable.

DSC00767So, although Mondays are pretty much universally lame, I do feel about a bajillion times better about this Monday knowing that I’ve got my ducks in a row for the week ahead. I fully intend to stick with the Sunday morning strategy sessions (thank you, Mr. Covey), and hopefully they’ll continue making a huge difference.

With that, I hope everyone has a great Monday — for those of you in DC, stay dry and warm!

10 thoughts on “MIMM: Getting My Act Together

  1. HealthyDiva (@HealthyDiva31) March 18, 2013 / 11:18 am

    Well I am SO happy your ducks are in a row girl ๐Ÿ˜‰ always feels good to be organized!

    Happy week to you!!

    • Lillian @ Seize the Latte March 19, 2013 / 9:31 am

      Indeed – life is so much better when I’m organized! Happy week to you (and Baby G), too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. chasingchels March 18, 2013 / 11:53 am

    Lady love, I am the same way! I’ve been an early riser for years which I now see as a good thing (usually) and I typically spend Sunday afternoons prepping myself for the week. Yesterday, however, I avoided that like the plague since I know I have three long days ahead of me haha so I chose to ignore that and enjoy my vacation a little longer…even if it took place in my living room and Cheesecake Factory ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Lillian @ Seize the Latte March 19, 2013 / 9:30 am

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who’s wired for an early wake-up — Brandon thinks I’m nuts, so I’m excited to report back to him that there are other people like me out there. Huzzah! And girl, you deserve your few extra days of rest (um, hello, you just ran a freaking marathon). Here’s to you getting lots of R&R, love!

  3. thecompostcook March 18, 2013 / 1:11 pm

    BEST SHIRT EVER:) I too am an early riser and LOVE it…it’s ‘me time’.

    • Lillian @ Seize the Latte March 19, 2013 / 9:26 am

      Right?! Yesterday was just plain awful. Thanks, weather gods, for making a Monday even more difficult. Blergh.

  4. aftertheivyleague March 18, 2013 / 4:27 pm

    You have no idea how jealous I am of your super organized, productive Sunday morning. That is such a great tip and a good habit to get into! I really need to start doing something similar. I have a growing list of things I need to buy at Target, and I’m adding “planner” to that list!

    • Lillian @ Seize the Latte March 19, 2013 / 9:25 am

      I think the Sunday morning planning will help me feel like I actually have my shiz together (or, at least, I hope it will) — my planner is also basically my brain trust, so it’s awesome that you picked one up. Yay, Target!

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