Springing Forward

Good morning, and happy Tuesday!

Last week wound up being faaaar busier than I expected (how does work do that? Like, do the work gods look down on us and say things like “Oh, she’s expecting a fairly tame week so she can go home and do some blogging. You know what would deep-six that plan? Taskers! Yeeeeessss, taskers! Muuuhahahahhaha!”? Come to think of it, I have a feeling this is exactly what happens.)

Anyways, it was also an eventful week in a fabulous way, since my mom was visiting — and as I think I’ve said here before, mom visits are the best. I even wound up with extra time to hang out with her, since we got a snow day (huzzah for useful snow!) on Thursday. I had already planned to take Friday off to spend the day with her, so the extra day of mom time — not to mention the extra long weekend — was most welcome. We went shopping and art museum hopping, both of which were fabulous; I got some lovely spring clothes at Marshalls, and we found some great decor items for my office at work (my office needs help, y’all).

In other news, we seem to have gone from the depths of winter misery straight into lovely spring weather. This is totally cool with me, you guys — as far as I’m concerned, it’s high time for springtime to kick Old Man Winter’s tuchus to the curb. I’ve had quite enough of winter; East Coast winters the last couple years have been God-awful cold and therefore superbly crappy. This, of course, is to say nothing of the total and utter insanity that people in New England have dealt with this year, for which I think they deserve a medal, or some chocolate, or some form of compensation/acknowledgement that their winter was beyond ridiculous. (Memo to the West Coast: I’d say that I hate you guys, but let’s be real here: I’m just insanely jealous. I’ve also developed a burning, consuming hatred of the Arctic and polar vortices. They can all go directly to hell.)

Grumpy Cat Polar Vortex

But seriously, as soon as I saw that the long-term forecast involved a string of days in the 50s and 60s (which means I’d finally get to jettison my thermal leggings and uber-insulating undergarments) I basically lost my mind. My eyes just about shot out of my head, and I shouted “PRAISE THE NEWBORN BABY JESUS AND OPRAH, IT’S GOING TO BE WARM OUT!” (And yes, I invoke Jesus and Oprah in the same sentence. I’m a heathen like that.)

Between the extra hour of sunlight in the evening and the fact that it was 61 degrees out (insert happy dance here), as soon as I got home last night I laced up my kicks and went running. It was glorious, people. The weather was perfect. The sunlight was gorgeous. My legs were slow to warm up, but it didn’t take a terribly long time before they joined the party and realized that this particular run was going to be awesome.

The only two downsides of spring are losing an hour of sleep and the rising pollen count. The losing an hour of sleep thing, I think, throws everyone off. Even though I adore the later sunsets, I don’t understand why the policy of daylight savings was created in the first place. I’ve heard explanations ranging from “it was created for the farmers” to “it was created for the schoolchildren so they don’t have to wait in the pitch dark for the bus in the mornings.” None of this has ever made even one iota of sense to me, so I was especially pleased to see that John Oliver covered it in this past Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight:

The Germans?! Whoda thunk it, right? And seriously, to further emphasize the title of the clip above, why is this still a thing?

As for the allergies, I spent most of last night sleeping fitfully due to a headache, stuffy nose, and junk from my stuffy nose running down the back of my throat. If I seem loopy, incoherent, or mildly senile in this post, you can thank allergies and sleep deprivation. Must needs more caffeine. And mas Claritin. Sweet fancy Moses.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great week and that you all have a (choose whatever works for you — it’s like a choose your own adventure novel, but not!) tranquil/productive/brave/kick-butt/rejuvenating day.